Depression on the rise in the workplace

Nearly eight of every 100 employees have a major depressive episode each month, according to one national study, and a Gallup study pegged the employer cost of depression at $23 billion per year, including 68 million missed work days annually.

Lyra aims to ease access to therapists for employees with depression

Lyra’s system is like a traditional employee assistance program, but with more support, better responsiveness, help choosing the right therapy and technology ...

Frustrated You Can't Find A Therapist? They're Frustrated, Too

There are a lot of people suffering from a mental health condition who need therapy. And there are a lot of therapists who want to help them. But both sides believe the insurance companies that are supposed to bring them together are actually keeping them apart.

Accommodating Mental Illness in the Workplace

Mental illness can present unique challenges to employment. Unlike physical disabilities that can be seen and recognized, employers may not realize that a person with a mental health condition is experiencing an issue and needs a workplace accommodation to remain employed and productive.

Working Well - Leading a Mentally Healthy Business (a toolkit for businesses)

As an employer, you can’t afford to ignore mental health. Investing in the mental health of your employees is central to taking care of your biggest asset — your workforce. There are measurable returns on that investment.

The Costs of Not Caring: How to Fix Our Broken Mental Health Care System

Nearly one out of four Americans suffer from mental illness in any year ... Yet these people don't get the same degree of attention, funding or care those with physical ailments, because mental wounds don't bleed.

Mental health problems in the workplace

Mental health disorders often go unrecognized and untreated — not only damaging an individual's health and career, but also reducing productivity at work. Adequate treatment, on the other hand, can alleviate symptoms for the employee and improve job performance.

The ripeness for the behavioral health market is now

Besides the stigma associated with mental illness and substance abuse, other challenges remain. These include dwindling numbers of psychiatrists, access to treatment, lack of health insurance, regulatory and technology hurdles, and cuts in federal funding.

Lyra Health Raises $35 Million In Series A Funding To Help People With Mental Illness

David Ebersman stepped down last year as chief financial officer of Facebook FB to found Lyra Health, a startup that plans to identify employees who are struggling with mental health ...