Lyra Health enables direct access to the best providers and the right care.


Using technology backed by a human touch, we're helping employees and their loved ones get support that works.

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Lyra Health’s innovative matching technology provides care recommendations personalized to each individual, including the optimal type of support and provider.[/fade]



Many leading mental health providers aren’t part of any network and can be hard to access. We work directly with high quality therapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists nationwide to provide fast access to expert care without network limitations. [/fade]



Our members enjoy the flexibility of having in-person care, live video therapy, live web chat, and online DIY tools at their fingertips. Lyra provides access to both care navigators and on-call therapists.[/fade]



Only 20% of therapies practiced today are proven to work. We only use these proven evidence-based methods so your people can feel better sooner. Our care team stays in touch to monitor progress and ensure members are feeling better at work and home.[/fade]


20% of your staff is struggling with behavioral issues.
Here's how Lyra can help.


Getting help is not enough. Getting effective help is what really matters.

The sad fact is that most people who need behavioral help don't get it because access to behavioral healthcare is so limited. To make matters worse, only 20% of behavioral therapies have proven to be effective. Lyra removes the barriers to access, and ensures that your employees get connected with therapists and therapies that actually work.


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