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Lyra Health connects top behavioral health providers with Fortune 500 employees and their loved ones. Our proprietary technology not only matches therapists with highly compatible clients; it also provides tech-enabled interactions that offer new opportunities for the client/provider relationship.

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Frequently asked questions

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Do I have to pay for Lyra?

No. We invite top providers of evidence-based behavioral health care to become Lyra Providers, at no cost to you.

How does the model work?

Employers purchase the Lyra solution for their employees and family members to be referred to the appropriate source of care. Our technology (and licensed professional behavioral health providers) match each client to a therapist who can best meet the client’s needs.

How is this different than a traditional network?

We differ from a traditional network in many ways. First, we recognize the value you bring and trust your professional judgment on what's clinically indicated. We pay rates that are fair to you, and payment is fast and easy. We make it easy to partner with us, with no burdensome claims and credentialing processes like health plans. We provide 24/7 support for Lyra clients through Care Advisors and self-help tools. We only work with the best clinicians. We refer to you based on a client’s fit with your expertise, skills, and patient preferences. We are creating a community of like-minded practitioners.

How does Lyra evaluate providers like me?

The primary and most important criteria are clinical quality, expertise, and practice of evidence-based care. Lyra Providers offer outstanding care, and of course have active licenses with no sanctions.

What is required of me as a Lyra Provider?

We ask that you provide timely access to clients we refer to you. Typically that means a response within 48 hours and an appointment within 7 working days (if non-urgent).

Am I required to accept all client referrals from Lyra?

Lyra carefully matches clients to the providers who we think can best meet their needs. However, providers will not be expected to work with clients whom they do not feel qualified to care for.

How do I get paid?

When you inform us that you have seen one of our patients, you can be paid immediately, at your fair market rate. There is no need to file insurance claims or heavy paperwork to complete.

How does Lyra get paid?

The employer pays Lyra to help employees gain prompt access to a phenomenal care experience.

How does Lyra safeguard client confidentiality?

We are committed to best practices for security and patient privacy: We comply with HIPAA and state requirements for the use and disclosure of protected health information (PHI). Before we make any care recommendations to a client, they must consent and acknowledge receipt of our HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices and Consent to Limited Disclosures. Our team includes professionals who have put in place physical, technical and administrative safeguards for the privacy and security of client data, including working towards HITRUST certification. You can read Lyra Clinical Associates P.C. full Privacy Practices here.

What paperwork is expected?

To become a trusted referral, you will have to submit identifying paperwork, malpractice documentation, and sign a brief agreement to join the group, which includes a request for timely access to clients you accept through our referral. To receive payment, you will need to submit invoices and a W-9. Our Care Advisors may also continue to stay in touch and provide additional support to the client if he or she would like.

No really, what is the catch?

There really isn't one. Like you, our primary goal is to make it easier for people facing tough times to feel better. We believe that taking away the burden of searching for the right care and insurance paperwork headaches will allow people to access care faster. Join us to make this a reality.

Provider contracts will be with Lyra Clinical Associates P.C., a professional medical corporation and an independent contracted affiliate of Lyra Health, Inc.

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